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Testicular cancer strikes young men at an age when they are at their peak.  The most common age for diagnosis is between 15 and 35 years old.  Unfortunately, this is when men tend to think that they are invincible and nothing can happen to them.  This feeling of being bullet proof along with lack of awareness allows testicular cancer to grow undetected for a longer period of time which makes recovery more difficult and costly both financially and physically.  While the improvements in treatments have made great strides in survival rates this is still a cancer that can kill if ignored.  The importance of reaching young males and having them do self checking for lumps or soreness cannot be stressed enough.  Having a routine physical can also help in discovery of any unusual lumps or growth in lymph nodes that are the early signs of TC. Following discovery of an unusual lump it is common to have blood work and an ultrasound preformed to verify if the lump or sore area is indeed TC.   While the blood tests are not 100% predictive those, along with physical exam and ultrasound, can give the doctor enough evidence to determine if the patient does have TC.  The surgery to remove a cancerous testicle (Orchiectomy) is very simple and not as bad as it sounds but the surgery will be done very soon after the diagnosis.  Even though the techniques to treat TC have greatly improved over the years, the incidences of TC continue to rise.  If you know of someone with a young male make an effort to inform them of TC and educate them on how a simple examination and monthly self checks could possibly save their life.